About Energy Petrol

Company Profile

Energy Petrol was established in 1997 by Mr Mustafa Muhtaroğlu and Yeşim Muhtaroğlu.

Mustafa Muhtaroğlu has been in bunker industry since 1986 who was founding chairman of the Turkish Bunker Association. He is currently IBIA Board Member and also Assembly Member, Reserved Board Member and Bunker Committee Chairman for the Turkish Chamber of Shipping. He was also Chairman for Istanbul Bunker Conference for 6 times.

Co-founder of Energy Petrol Ms Yeşim Muhtaroğlu has been in the bunker industry since 1988 and was Chairman of the Turkish Bunker Association for 2009-2011. Other shares in the company belong to Mr Deniz Muhtaroğlu, the next generation of a family owned company.

Energy Petrol began physical bunker supply operations in 1997 supplying MGO from a storage facility located in Gebze, in a terminal now called Yılport. In 2014 company moved to state art terminal called ALTINTEL at same location, where keeping 28.000 cbm capacity. As a stepping stone to growth, Energy Petrol won an important tender in 2001; to provide all bunker supplies to the Blue Stream Project which was a large infrastructure project to lay pipes in the Black Sea to carry gas directly from Russia to Turkey. In total, Energy Petrol supplied more than 50,000 tons of marine fuels to equipment working on the project. The marine resources deployed included powerful tug boats, supply ships and the pipe laying DP vessel 'SAIPEM 7000'. In one delivery 7300 ton of 180cst fuel oil was delivered by barge; the largest quantity ever delivered as bunker in one parcel in the Black Sea. Upon completion of the Blue Stream Project, Energy Petrol continued to expand its market share in the marine fuel oil business and achieved impressive growth between 2001-2018. A total of over 3 million tons of bunkers have been supplied to over 35.000 vessels amounting over 2.5 billion dollars. This impressive record was achieved while operating without any quality or quantity claims during that period. A remarkable statistic which ranks Energy Petrol as one of most reliable quality driven suppliers in the area.

Starting operations in 1997 with 2 gas oil barges (total 500 mt) Energy Petrol has also become an important operator of bunker barges along the northern Turkish shores. To facilitate further business growth a fleet of barges has been purchased and is operated from the Istanbul operations base. In 2004 the company bought the 1651 dwt mt MT ATAM, which was sold later. The company also acquired full ownership of three more tankers in 2007 ; MT HİRA (sold outside Turkey in 2017) MT SABAR and MT ENERGY 1 and bought MT ISTANBUL BUNKER in 2010, a ship of 1102 mt capable of delivering fuel oil and marine gas oil.

In 2013, company started barge renewal program in line with new tanker regulation in Turkey and got sister double & double new building barges named MT DEMRE 1, MT DEMRE 2, MT DEMRE 3 and MT DEMRE 4 each 810 dwt carrying fueloil and gas oil and pumping with high rate. Renewal program continued by MT DEMRE 6,  bigger size double double barge for fueloil and gas oil supplies with capacity of about 1875 cbm, which were sold outside Turkey while MT DEMRE 3 and 4 still belong to company. Energy Petrol also acquired 2001 built 3659 dtw MT DENİZ M (ex-Safir) which is biggest only vlsfo supplying bunker barge in the area enabling company to perform large quantity supplies in one lot.  In 2015 Energy Petrol acquired 2007 built 2 sister tankers each 1478 dwt MT ENERGY Y (ex-Unex 2) and MT ENERGY M (ex-Unex 1) and finally 2818 dwt MT ENERGY K acquired in 2020 which is largest only mgo supplying tanker in the area.  Company currently operates 10 barges, with a total capacity of 12.500 mts.

Energy Petrol was awarded a Bunker Licence for 15 years in 2005 by EMRA (Energy Market Regulating Authority) the offical body for overseeing petroleum markets in Turkey,  which is renewed in 2020 till 2035.

1881 built Ottoman style house on the Bosphorus was renovated as the headquarters of Energy Petrol in 2008. Company is managed from a modern office located on the Bosphorus, in arm distance to ships passing through Turkish Straits.